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Warm welcome to the retirement planner, Kingsland Court's Newsletter.
For some time now we have been thinking of how we could make a relevant and useful contribution to the retirement benefits industry in Kenya, both at a broad industry-wide level and at the level of the individual stakeholders (besides, of course, being every retirement plan's essential partner!). So this is what we have come up with.
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Scheme data accuracy

Many schemes have a long and complicated history, but with no segregated data maintenance - "that's HR's job" is heard all too often. "Since when could HR ever be relied on to maintain accurate personnel data?" did we hear? Segregated data maintained and verified by the administrator is essential.

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benefits calculations

Inaccurate calculations all too often result in incorrect payments being made - and the cause is usually a combination of incorrect data and misunderstanding of the Rules or application of the wrong Rule. How many Trustees actually check the administrator's calculations?


asked questions

Q. What services do you provide?

A. Our core services in respect of retirement benefits schemes are:

  • Ongoing support services to enable Trustees to discharge their duties effectively. In these we act as Corporate Principal Officer, advising Trustees and sponsors and managing relations with Regulators and administrators, custodians and managers for the benefit of all stakeholders; and

  • "Project" services for specific tasks such as establishing new schemes and restructuring existing schemes.

Q. Are you Corporate Trustees?

A. Yes we are able to provide Corporate Trustee services to clients who require this service

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pensions in payment

Pensions in payment should be audited on a regular basis. Scheme administrators should regularly check that pensioners are still living. The easiest method for avoiding error, or fraud, is to put in place measures to prevent it before it happens by setting up appropriate verification and authorisation procedures, independent of the administrator.