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Services Overview

Kingsland Court focuses its services on supporting its clients in the discharge of the full range of their responsibilities.
Our clients include scheme sponsors and Trustees and our range of services therefore encompasses the needs of both these groups.

Scheme Design

At Kingsland Court we have considerable experience of the design and establishment of new retirement benefits schemes. In many ways our approach does not differ greatly from the approach we adopt on scheme restructuring or conversion.

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Corporate Trustee and
corporate principal officer

Corporate Trustee

There  is  a  general  assumption  that  a Corporate Trustee  acts  as  sole  trustee  of  a scheme. This  is not by any means a necessity and  in  fact we  favour acting as  just one  of  the  members  of  the  Trustee  Board.  This  has  a  number  of  advantages, particularly in schemes where the members have a lively interest in the management  of the scheme: ....

Corporate Principal Officer

As  an  alternative  to  acting  as  Corporate  Trustee,  we  have  developed  the function  of  Corporate  Principal  Officer  to  deliver  the  same  services  to  the Board of Trustees.  Broadly speaking, the role of the Principal Officer is to support the trustees in the exercise of  their  trust and  to give  the  founder comfort  that  the scheme  is being properly managed.....

Accounting and Administration

Scheme Administration   We  at  Kingsland  Court  use  an  administration  software  which  we  call  KPAS (Kingsland  Court  Pensions  Administration  Software).  KPAS  was  developed  with Kenyan  regulatory  and  tax  considerations  in  mind  but  with  sufficient  flexibility  to adapt  to  other  environments. 

Scheme Accounting  We  have many  years  experience  in  the maintenance  of  financial  records  and accounts  for  retirement benefits  schemes. This  accounting differs  from  routine accounting  for a  commercial undertaking principally  in  the need  to account  for diversified investment portfolios. 

trustee support

The  Trust  Deed  and  Rules  of  a  retirement  benefits  scheme,  as  well  as  local legislation and regulations, impose a wide range of responsibilities and obligations on trustees. .

Breach of  the duties of  trust can carry expensive penalties  for  the  trustees as individuals.   All  too  often,  scheme  trustees  do  not  have  the  skills  and  experience  required  to enable them  to perform  their duties effectively.

Most trustees are only part-time and their other activities may well not permit  them  to devote  the  time which  their  trustee duties require.